Friday, August 28, 2009

Save October 24, 2009 for the Fall UFM Community Retreat!

Summer is waning, school is beginning and we are getting ready for the next All-Meeting Retreat. University Meeting needs to make several decisions this year and we need as many voices in the conversation as we can gather. The coming Retreat will be, in part, another step in the decision making process.

We have to decide how to manage our financial and physical plant resources so that UFM can continue to provide a spiritual and community home. Good stewardship demands that we care for the resources we own and share. Our community has to revisit and recommit to the choices that were made by previous generations in UFM. There is no one charged with reminding us that it is time to decide to combine Oversight and Worship and Ministry Committees or keep Quaker House or rent the Meeting House to outside groups. [Note: these are only examples of decisions that have been made in the past, they are not necessarily what we will be discussing]

When events jolt us into awareness that something is wrong, we have to take that opportunity to look, consider deeply and discern what we are led to do-again. I hope this happens for the rest of University Meeting's existence. It keeps us from becoming complacent and it means that UFM is alive to what the Spirit has in store for us.A more complete schedule will be published in the October Gleamings and on the UFM Website at the same time. Of course, there will be worship, treats, time to chat with others, lunch, house and garden work parties, small and large group gatherings and perhaps a skit.

Please contact the Year of Discernment Steering Committee to sign up for the retreat or look for the sign-up sheets outside the office door beginning in early October.

--Dorsey G for the Year of Discernment Steering Committee
Asia B, Rick E, Ashley W and David W