Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Update


Almost a year after the start of the Year of Discernment, people report feeling more connected to the Meeting community. One member said that she had started to come to Worship more often. An attender was excited that he had learned what discernment was. We are almost ready as a community to turn our energy to the discernment of what we are called to do.

As we head into summer, we are gathering the information we need for our discernment. How much money do we need to complete our remodel of the Meetinghouse? How much for maintenance of the Meetinghouse, grounds and Quaker House?

As such factual information is accumulated, ask yourself what you are called to do as an individual or as part of a larger group. Consider how much money, time and energy you have to donate for these leadings. Are we already doing what calls you? Or are you feeling led to something new? Talk to the rest of us about your thoughts and ask others what they are finding within themselves. And throughout the next few months, join us in worship and play.

--Dorsey G for the Year of Discernment Steering Committee