Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Accountable Radicals and Radical Accountants*


At a recent Year of Discernment Steering Committee meeting we found ourselves once again revisiting, what one of us called, the core functions of the UFM community. Worship is the center. Add to this the work that keeps the Meeting going, such as the Building and Grounds or Oversight committee work. Then fold in the outward expression of our faith, both individual and corporate, such as standing vigil, maintaining our library or sponsoring the SHARE/ WHEEL GROUP.

The unification of these activities is the core. For these to be done well, we need radicals who are led to action and invite us into a discernment process. For there to be a Meeting to respond to the radical's call, we need folks tending the structure, relying on the Quakers' radical method of discernment. It works because all of this is grounded in worship and faith.

Please, come join the conversation, the fun and the worship on October 24 at the Meeting House.

The day begins at 9:00 with tea, coffee, juice, tasty treats and conversation. At 9:30 there will be an opening circle for all attenders followed by small group exercises. We will share in small groups what community means to each of us and what we want in a community. We will be invited to talk about passions, leadings and gifts and what they might have to do with community.

In the afternoon we will share a potluck lunch and work together in intergenerational work parties. The second half of the afternoon we will reconvene in small groups to focus on how best to use the gifts and resources the Meeting has at this time. We will end with brief reports from the groups and final worship for all.

Throughout the day when there are not intergenerational activities, there will be childcare for children under 6 and a children's program for children aged 6 through 12. Please let us know in advance if you will be bringing children and their ages so we will have enough teachers.

You can sign up at the Meeting House on the table by the office starting the second week of October.

--Dorsey G for the Year of Discernment Steering Committee

*For the purpose of this title we are stretching the meaning of accountants to include people who dothe work that keeps a Meeting running, such as Nominating, Personnel, or Finance Committees.