Saturday, March 14, 2009

Library Ministry

Your library welcomes both new inquirers and long standing members/attenders to University Friends Meeting. We are stewards of our literary treasures and educational resources and seek to share what we have with you. We are a working committee always on the search for appropriate acquisitions (books, periodicals and some dvds), which we then integrate into the library holdings.

We hold an annual book sale with your help to expand and improve our collection. We meet monthly to celebrate each other, read the shelves to keep them in order, seek ways to improve the library, and evaluate and consider community suggestions. We welcome the occasional book gift throughout the year from members/attenders. We keep the card catalogues updated Pendle Hill pamphlets integrated, and information of both other west coast meetings and about the wider Quaker groups ready and available for your perusal.

Want to explore? Poke your head in to say hello…

-- Sandy S and Jo C, Library Committee co-clerks