Sunday, February 8, 2009

Threshing Session, March 15

Our meetinghouse is getting old and needs repairs and updates that add up to a large sum. Building and Grounds is doing further evaluation of the needs, while Finance is considering options for how to come up with the money. Because of the importance and complexity of the issues involved, we will have a special Threshing Session on Sunday March 15, after a potluck lunch.

A Threshing Session is a time when we gather to listen to each other without the goal of making an immediate decision. This Threshing Session is likely to begin with a presentation of information, but some information will also be made available earlier so that we have a chance to ask questions and give thought to our personal reactions.

Meanwhile, please think about how much you can increase your contributions in this troubled economy - or what type and amount of volunteer activity you can commit to. B&G will be putting out information about the kinds of work needed and will be looking for feedback about how much we may count on volunteers. Alternatives could involve selling Quaker House or even the meetinghouse. This is an extremely important issue, so mark your calendar.

--Beth B